We pride ourselves on providing pet owners with the best care and education. And our awesome team of veterinary technicians allows us to do so!

Sarah, Kelly, Jenna, and Ella (our technician assistant) are bad-to-the-bone! Our veterinary technician team is truly a dream team. However, we acknowledge that their role at our veterinary clinic is often anything but easy. Here are just some of the hats veterinary technicians wear:

Veterinary Technicians Are

  • Healers of wounds
  • Relentless animal lovers
  • Affection experts
  • Pet health educators
  • Laboratory technicians
  • Professional head patters
  • X-ray technicians
  • Pet wellness protectors
  • Parasite vanquishers
  • Surgical Assistants
  • Lifesavers

Every day, our veterinary technicians must use a vast number of skills, knowledge, and expertise to ensure each patient receives safe and warm-hearted care. And, let us tell you, if patience is a virtue, our team is 100% virtue. As a way to celebrate our veterinary technician team in honor of National Veterinary Technician Week, we wanted to give you a glimpse into the day-to-day as a vet tech at Homey Gnome.

Before We Open for the Day

While we open the front doors at 8 in the morning, our veterinary technicians have been hard at work behind the scenes long before that. What are they up to? 

Our veterinary technicians work like Santa’s helpers, preparing for the day. They are prepping the surgical area, preparing medications, and getting an overall sense of what the day will bring.

Meanwhile, we often receive our first surgical patients during this time. So, our veterinary technicians begin intake paperwork and start prepping pet patients for their procedures. 

Open Doors, Smiles, and the Hustle-and-Bustle

Once we open our doors, our already busy veterinary technicians pick up their pace even more. This is when our technicians truly shine! They bounce between exam rooms, chatting with pet owners, answering questions, greeting pets, and giving them their first check (and a few pets). 

On surgery days, our veterinary technicians prep patients for their procedures. First, they go over what to expect with the pets’ parents. Then they give each pet a new hairdo in order to prep the surgical site. Finally, our technicians gently intubate the pet, and gather tools we will use for the procedure.

During surgery, they become Dr. Plantz’s or Dr. Ford’s right-hand-women.  

A Full Day Filled with the Fun of a Job Well Done

After surgeries, our veterinary technicians extubate each pet patient and ensure they’re able to rest comfortably in their kennels as they begin their journey to recovery. Additionally, they also clean and sanitize between each patient.

Beyond surgery, you will find our veterinary technicians assisting our veterinarians during exams. They are pros at gently holding and calming pets. They also educate pet parents regarding their pets’ new prescriptions, care, and so much more.

Before we close for the day, our veterinary technicians dote on each recovering patient, taking them out for bathroom breaks and playing with the pets that feel well enough. Pets also receive another round of their delicious dinner and any medications they may need.

And while our veterinary technicians prefer pets to paperwork, they are amazing at keeping records on each pet see.

Then they go home to their beloved pets and prepare to do it all again the next day.

Thank You to our Veterinary Technicians!

Our veterinary technicians are nurses, chefs, cleaning professionals, paperwork-pros, and so much more! While our veterinary technicians do not wear capes, they truly are heroes in our eyes. Their compassion and love for every animal astound us every day. And while our pet patients don’t have the words to say “thank you!” We are so thankful to have them as part of the Homey Gnome practice.

Image credit:  Irina Karpinchik /Getty Images Plus