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Noemi Plantz

Owner, Veterinarian

Dr. Plantz has been a veterinarian for 10 years, but has worked in the veterinary field for a little over 20 years. As a kid, Dr. Plantz helped bottle-feed a litter of orphaned kittens (one of which she named Tiger and was her companion for 19 years) and decided then that she wanted a career in veterinary medicine.  She routinely treats a wide variety of species including dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds (many types of parrots as well as pet chickens), and non-venomous reptiles. 

Dr. Plantz takes pride in educating clients while providing high quality medicine to all species with an emphasis on preventative care. When not at the clinic, she enjoys giving back to the profession; volunteering to teach veterinary students about exotic pet medicine at the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine.  In her free time, she volunteers as the Medical Director at Wild Paws Midwest Animal Sanctuary, a start-up animal sanctuary in western Wisconsin.  Dr. Plantz also enjoys being a chauffeur to a bright and confident daughter Samantha, shuttling her between school, 4H, swimming, and playtime with friends.  Dr. Plantz and Samantha have two cats, “Cupcake” and “Buttercup”, and a gerbil named “Cookie” .  

Sarah Nelson

Certified Veterinary Technician

Sarah has been with Homey Gnome Veterinary Clinic since 2020 and has worked alongside Dr. Plantz since 2012. 

She loves working in this field and helping the wide array of different creatures that we see. She enjoys that there’s never a dull moment and working with exotics as well as small animals adds variety to her days. She loves seeing all the patients that come in as babies and watching them grow over the years. Forming a bond with these animals as well as their owners is one of the best aspects of her job.

Sarah graduated with her bachelor’s degree in Animal Science with an emphasis in Veterinary Technology from the University of Wisconsin, River Falls in 2015 and graduated with her Associate’s Degree in Veterinary Technology from Argosy University in 2015. She became certified as a veterinary technician in 2015.

When not at work, Sarah enjoys spending time outdoors with family, friends, and fur children. Her favorite place to be is on the Chippewa River, paddle boarding and tubing with her husband, dogs, parents, and close friends. She also enjoys running 5Ks with friends and loves the perk of the ice-cold beer and food that awaits runners at the finish line.

She has a 23-year-old talkative Timneh parrot named Sweetie, two dogs, a Standard Poodle named Francois and a mixed breed named Remi, and a cat named Chowder.

Kelly Wrich

Certified Veterinary Technician

Kelly joined our team in 2020. She’s a patient and detail-oriented certified veterinary technician. She attended Argosy University, graduating in 2010.

From a young age, Kelly knew she wanted to be in the veterinary field. She’s always had a strong bond with and love for animals. Her passion for the field and love for all animals continue to grow as she continues to work with them.

On her days off, Kelly loves camping, hiking, canoeing, going on nature walks, floating down a river, and going for coffee runs. When she’s in the mood for a lowkey day, she enjoys drinking coffee and snuggling with all her animals while staying in my pajamas until the afternoon.

Her beloved fur family includes a Chihuahua named LadyBug and three cats named Wobbles, Skwerl, and Roulette. Her pets have a thousand nicknames as unique as they are.


Client Service Representative

Michelle completed a bachelor’s in Biology at Univ of Wisc-River Falls and then went to Argosy University for a Veterinary Technician degree and became a Certified Veterinary Technician in 2010.  She has been with Homey Gnome since October 2020. She has worked with Dr. Plantz since 2009. She now enjoys another area of the field, being a Client Service team member, and loves to share her knowledge of animals with pet owners. 

She grew up dog sledding with her family and riding horses. An area of special interest in canine behavior.  In her free time, she enjoys reading, being outdoors and spending time with her family. 


Veterinary Technician Intern

Jenna started her education at the University of Wisconsin river falls in2015 where she earned a bachelor of science degree. She then attended Argosy University until it’s closure in 2020, from there she transferred to Dakota County Technical College where she hopes to complete her dream of becoming a CVT in December. In her free time, she loves to take her special needs hamsters on walks around the front yard and teach her Indian Ringneck Parakeet Lentil new tricks. She also enjoys honing her skills as an archer with her three different types of bows, for both competition and pleasure.


Technician Assistant

Hi there! My name is Ella and I’ve been with HGVC since 2021. I am currently attending Penn Foster college to become a CVT. I love to help animals because I see them as the most innocent form of life and they need to be protected and cared for. 

When not at HGVC, I enjoy catering to my 3 cats, 3 snakes, fish, and birds. I also enjoy going outdoors for activities such as herping, birding, or skateboarding.

The Story Behind The Name

You probably notice our name is a little… different. As you know, we stand out from other veterinary clinics. We go above and beyond to provide our patients and their human parents with the best care and service. But that’s not the only reason we have such an interesting name.

 homey gnome logo

Why is our clinic’s moniker so unique? Dr. Plantz’s first name is Noemi, which earned her the nickname of “Nomes.” This nickname stuck with her from high school to undergrad and into vet school. Not only did this name embody Dr. Plantz’s fun and lighthearted personality, but people began gifting her with gnomes of all sorts.


As Dr. Plantz prepared to open her own clinic that reflects her devotion to companion animals, she called upon her closest friends to help her choose a name that would do justice to this one-of-a-kind clinic. One friend captured the essence of Dr. Plantz’s vision with a funny drawing of a gnome surrounded by animals and the title “Homey Gnome Animal Clinic.” While the name initially was hilarious to Dr. Plantz, she also loved how endearing and original the name is.


This name remains as special as the veterinary clinic it represents. So, don’t be surprised when you arrive and find a plethora of gnomes that Dr. Plantz has received from patients over the years.

Even though gnomes are small, the Homey Gnome Animal Clinic has a huge heart for all animals that come through the doors.


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