At Homey Gnome Veterinary Clinic, we prioritize the health and safety of your companion animal friends. That’s why we want to take a moment to discuss heartworm disease and why it’s so essential to protect your pet against this potentially deadly condition.

What is Heartworm?

Heartworm disease is a severe, but fortunately preventable, illness that can affect cats, dogs, ferrets, and other mammals. Without timely diagnosis and treatment intervention from your veterinarian, it could lead to devastating effects on the health of your pet. This disease is caused by a parasitic worm, Dirofilaria immitis, that dwells within the lungs, blood vessels, and heart of an infected animal. Heartworms are spread through the bite of an infected mosquito, which carries the larvae from one host to another.

While heartworms can be treated in pets that are already infected, prevention is always preferable since treatment options can be expensive and dangerous for the animal’s health. Sadly, there is no heartworm treatment for our feline friends. That’s why it’s imperative for pet owners to take preventative measures against heartworms.

Prevention & Treatment Options

At Homey Gnome Veterinary Clinic, we offer several preventative options for cats, dogs and ferrets that are designed to protect them from heartworms. These include chewable tablets or injections that contain medication proven to kill the larvae before they can mature into adult worms. We also recommend yearly wellness visits to conduct bloodwork which helps to identify the infection early on so that treatment can begin as soon as possible. If your dog or ferret does test positive for heartworms, we will discuss treatment options with you.

At Homey Gnome Veterinary Clinic, we believe that knowledge is power when it comes to protecting your pet from illnesses like heartworm disease. That’s why we strive to educate our clients on how they can keep their pets safe from harm. By taking preventative measures such as administering parasite prevention and seeking regular checkups with us at Homey Gnome Veterinary Clinic, you can rest assured knowing you have done all you can do to protect your beloved pet against this dangerous condition.

Image credit: Pexels