Gifts That Keep Giving

It’s the season. Whether they’re naughty, nice, or anywhere in between, it’s the season for giving to those we love. We make our lists, check them twice, and shop until our debit cards cry. Giving gifts with love, and seeing the excitement of those we love as they receive them, is one of the treasures of this time of year. It’s especially gratifying to give to someone who has absolutely no expectations for the holidays. You guessed it – shopping for and gifting to your pet can be the very best present of all.

Choosing Well

There are so many pet toys to choose from! While you know your pet best, there are some things to consider when buying gifts for your favorite pet. One of the most important aspects of choosing your pet’s toys is making sure they provide mental stimulation. It’s important to help keep your pet out of mischief, especially if you’re gone during the day. Your pet will benefit from toys designed for them, whether they’re a dog, cat, bunny, or guinea pig, but there are specific things to keep in mind when you’re choosing the right toy or toys for your favorite critter. Choosing their toys well can help eliminate your pet’s boredom and improve their quality of life.

When choosing toys for your dog, for example, the right toys can:

  • Increase their problem-solving ability
  • Improve their cognitive skills
  • Improve their dental health
  • Provide physical activity
  • Prevent chewing on things they shouldn’t

Most importantly, toys give you ways to play with your dog, providing both of you with fun bonding time.

If you’re choosing toys for your cat or kitten, the right toys provide many of the same benefits as they do for dogs, but appropriate cat toys also reduce your cat’s need to hunt for prey, decreasing the stress and frustration they may feel if they don’t have an outlet for that instinctive need.

The Right Pet Toys

There are several criteria to consider when you are choosing toys for your pet. Some of them include:

  • Make sure you get toys that are the right size for your pet (larger breeds need larger toys)
  • Look for teething toys for puppies
  • Seek out toys that don’t have stuffing (it’s not digestible)
  • Avoid rawhide chews
  • Choose toys that are well-made, including those with indestructible seams
  • Look for feeding mats in which you can hide food and treats

For dogs and cats alike, toys that encourage them to look for treats are stimulating and rewarding. Cats and kittens will benefit from toys like moving mice toys, toys that contain balls that they can swat or pounce on, and even laser light toys that they can chase. Dogs and puppies benefit from toys like puzzle toys, toys that crinkle and squeak, toys that provide a lot of chewing, and toys with which you can play tug-of-war.

Homey Gnome Veterinary Clinic

Homey Gnome Veterinary Clinic in Oakdale, MN wants your pet to be as healthy and happy as possible. Contact us with questions about appropriate toys or any other kind of care your pet might need. Here’s to giving the perfect gift to your perfect pet.

Image credit: Pexels