Home For The Holidays

There’s no place like home for the holidays. Going to the place you grew up, visiting family, friends, and former classmates, and seeing people who impacted your life – it’s all part of the holiday experience. Visiting usually means travel and travel often means rearranging your life while you’re temporarily out of town. You might ask someone to get your mail, pick up packages, or water your plants. If you’re a pet owner, you have to make arrangements for your pet bestie to have what, hopefully, is a vacation for them, too.

Home Away From Home

While your pet will inevitably miss you, there are ways to ensure that they’re safe, loved, and well cared for while you’re gone. There are numerous boarding options available in most locales.

Feline or Canine

There are numerous criteria to consider when looking for the right boarding facility for your pet. Some of them are pretty self-explanatory while you might not think of others. Before we offer tips about what to look for in a boarding facility, let’s talk about the differences in boarding cats and dogs.

Some veterinary clinics provide pet boarding facilities. If you’re considering that option, it’s important to confirm that sick pets are separated from well pets. They almost certainly are, but it’s best to check for your own peace of mind. Cats and dogs are usually separated, too. Cats might stay in kitty condos or small cages while dogs will stay in a kennel or large crate/cage. While there’s no place like home, the staff will try to make your pet as comfortable as possible.

Questions and Observations

When choosing the right boarding facility (or even the right groomer), there are several things to keep in mind. First, the cleanliness of the facility is paramount. Every reputable facility should look and smell clean, keeping in mind that animals are boarded there, of course. Additional things to ask about include:

  • What vaccines are required for pets boarded there?
  • Are chemicals (cleaners, medications, etc.) stored safely away from the pet area?
  • Will your pet interact with other pets?
  • How often are pets played with or let out for exercise?
  • Is a staff member on the premises 24 hours a day?
  • Do they have an evacuation plan or safety protocol in case of an emergency?

You should also observe:

  • How staff interacts with your pet (if you’re visiting together) or other pets
  • Fresh drinking water is available
  • Whether there are large areas for your pet to exercise
  • Whether all fences are secure
  • Whether you’re allowed to visit all areas of the facility

Grooming, Too

Some boarding facilities offer a take-home bath or grooming session at the end of your pet’s stay. Whether you decide to have your pet groomed the last day they’re boarded, or you take them to another facility, you should look for a pet groomer who meets the standards of facility cleanliness and positive interaction with your pet that you want in a boarding facility or from your veterinarian.

Homey Gnome Veterinary Clinic

Homey Gnome Veterinary Clinic can help those in Oakdale, MN and the surrounding areas make sure their pet is protected with the vaccines they need while being groomed or boarded, and in their daily lives. We are here to provide any other veterinary service you might need, too. Contact us if we can assist you in any way. 

Image credit: Pexels