Celebrations Of All Kinds

December. So many celebrations. We celebrate holidays, families, and the sharing of traditions during the darkest month of the year. In 2005, animal welfare advocate, Colleen Paige, decided that we should celebrate a very important group in December, too – mutts. Mutts (as they’re known affectionately) or mixed breed dogs (as they’re also known) are the gifts we didn’t know we needed, making it even more important to celebrate their uniqueness.

All Mixed Up

Mixed breed dogs – beloved mutts – are so special that they’re celebrated twice a year, in July and December. About eighty percent of dogs in shelters are mixed breed dogs, but one hundred percent of them have love to give. Mixed breed dogs have a lot going for them, too. One of the greatest things about a mutt is that they have a mix of genetic traits, which makes them less likely to experience some of the health concerns experienced by purebred dogs, which can include:

  • Cataracts
  • Epilepsy
  • Elbow (and sometimes hip) dysplasia
  • Certain cardiac conditions (aortic stenosis and dilated cardiomyopathy)
  • Liver disease caused by a portosystemic shunt
  • Skin conditions including atopic dermatitis
  • Bloat

This list isn’t conclusive, of course. For example, purebred German Shepherds often experience bladder stones, thyroid problems, and degenerative disc disease. There are other health problems common in some dog breeds that mixed breeds don’t have because of greater diversity in their genetic make-up. Plus, mixed breeds are oh-so-cute because they have physical attributes from more than one breed. They’re adorable and quirky. Mutts really are exceptional, singular pets.

Adopting A Mixed Breed Dog

If you’d like to adopt a mixed breed dog, you should find out about the needs and care requirements of the apparent breeds of the dog you hope to adopt. Some breeds require a lot of exercise, some need to have a job to do every day, and others are lap dogs even though they weigh a hundred pounds. It’s important to make sure a multi-breed dog’s requirements fit into your lifestyle.

If You’re Unable To Adopt

Sometimes you’re simply not in a place to share your life with a pet, whether they’re purebred or mixed breed. If you’re not but you still want to celebrate National Mutt Day, you can do so by:

  • Visiting an animal shelter
  • Volunteering there
  • Creating a list of needs your local shelter has and work with friends and family to fill it
  • Host a fundraiser to benefit your local shelter or create one online

You can also help share pictures of local mutts who need homes on your own social media. You never know when someone will fall in love with a dog because they saw a picture you shared in one place or another.

Homey Gnome Veterinary Clinic

Homey Gnome Veterinary Clinic in Oakdale, MN loves mutts! Of course, we love purebred dogs, too. We just love dogs! We’re here to help your favorite mutt stay healthy and well all year around. Contact us for well care, sick care or any kind of care your animal bestie needs. We hope to see you soon.

Image credit: Pexels