It’s Pride Month, and if you’re like so many pet owners, you’ve been celebrating the beauty and joy of LGBTQ+ culture. At Homey Gnome, we’re proud to be a business that embraces our entire community. If you want your pet to feel included in the excitement of Pride Month, here are some fun and safe ways to do so. 

  1. Invest in a New Pet-Friendly Get Up

Whether you’re going to a Pride event (like the upcoming Twin Cities Pride Fest July 17-18) or just want to host a pet-friendly photoshoot, adding a few new and COLORFUL accessories is the way to go. Consider a brightly colored boa, glittery sunglasses, or a new rainbow harness. 

To ensure your pet is safe, only dress them up for a short period of time. Ensure their outfit doesn’t pose a choking hazard. And that your pet’s outfit is weather-appropriate. Take cues from your pet – if they are uncomfortable, don’t force the extra attire.

Important sidenote: Given that the temps may be soaring, be sure to bring along plenty of fresh water for your pet, and monitor them closely for signs of heat stroke.

  1. Whip Up Some Dog-Gone Yummy and Healthy Treats

If you’re going to a Pride parade or a dog-friendly bar or restaurant, consider bringing along some treats to share. If you want to add color, opt for natural ways to add a healthy and pet-friendly pop of pigment. 

Are you having friends over? Create a rainbow-themed dog-friendly veggies tray.

Red or Pink: apple or watermelon

Orange: carrot or pumpkin

Yellow: Squash or pineapple

Green: Broccoli, peas, or green beans

Blue: blueberries

Purple: raspberries

  1. Have a Pup-tastic Pride Party

Invite your friends and your dog’s four-legged buddies over for a Pride soiree. This is a great excuse to hang streamers, inflate balloons, and set up the puppy pool party. Consider:

  • A puppy potluck
  • A dog-friendly wine and dine
  • Your own mini puppy Pride parade
  • A dog-and-dad (or mom) costume party–and competition
  1. Netflix and Chill with an LGBTQ+ Movie

With all the exciting Pride events going on, you may want to consider an easy night in with your best friend. Your cat or dog will love being able to snuggle up as you watch a cult classic. Remember to relax and don’t forget the popcorn (we won’t tell if your dog gets one piece or two).

  1. Have a Digital LGBTQ+ Pawty

We know that the COVID-19 pandemic has put a damper on a lot of the activities you would normally use to celebrate Pride. We also know that socializing in person can be quite tiring and many of us are out of practice. If you want to connect with your pals without the need to get dressed up, try an online Pride party. Ask all attendees to decorate the room they’re in and dress up. Don’t forget to share screenshots of your online Pride party with the hashtag #pridemonth.

Wishing You An Inclusive, Fun, and Fantastic Pride Month

We hope you, your family, and your pet have a wonderful Pride Month. If your pet is due for a check-up or you have questions regarding your pet’s health, we’re here to help. If you want to show off your pet’s Pride fashion, share a picture with us on Facebook!

Image credit: Eva Blanco / iStock / Getty Images Plus