Halloween can be thrilling. It offers a night of lighthearted and fun horror with passing out candy and watching scary movies. For your pet, it can be an evening where strangers show up in ghoul outfits and can cause them additional stress. But it doesn’t need to! Preparing your pet for trick-or-treaters will help them enjoy the evening too.

Keep the Candy Stash Away

Decorated bowls, full of treats, are a given on the spookiest holiday of the year. Candy will be handed out by the handful and can get dropped around the house. Don’t let your pet dip into the treats. Chocolate and xylitol are particularly hazardous for pets, so be mindful not to let their paws sneak into the bowl.

You can talk with your little pumpkins about being safe with holiday candy around family pets. 

Include your pets in Halloween too, by making them different shaped treats and dressing them in a matching costume. Pup-kin puree treats are a fun way to include nutrition and a fall favorite into baking.

Find a Comfortable Costume for Your Canine or Cat

Don’t get tricked by picking out a scratchy costume for your pet. Check the reviews and measure your furry friend, to ensure that it fits them. Putting a tight costume on your cutie can cause them discomfort.

Be careful with any costumes that involve strings or buttons, because it can be a hazard when your pets are left unattended. When in doubt, remove pet costumes if they’re taking refuge in another room. 

Doorbells Can Cause Anxiety

Hearing the doorbell ring, with kids dressed as monsters at the door, can understandably scare your pets. Keeping a “safe spot” for your pets will allow them to retreat into a safe location, instead of scurrying outside. Having your pet loose outside is always dangerous. But on Halloween, with so many people milling the streets, it can be a recipe for disaster. 

Don’t Let Pets Roam After Dark

Even though black cats are sweet and gentle, they’re seen as “sinister” during the month of October. Don’t let superstitions put your cat in danger. Keeping your pets indoors, especially the evening of Halloween, will create a layer of comfort for your cat. 

They can enjoy the holiday, snuggled up with you, in a witchy new costume.

Decorations: “Is that Spider Real?”

It’s no secret that pets are curious and like to play with decorations. From fake webs to plastic spiders, your pet can put themselves in trouble during Halloween. Don’t leave pets unattended by decorations that they can possibly ingest or “hunt.”

Cats can see fake spiders to capture or your dog can see a hanging ghost, and go into defense mode. Stay on the safe side, so that the spooky moments can remain on the TV. 

Take the Tricks Out of Halloween

Have a lovely and delicious Halloween. Don’t forget to send us a picture of your pets dressed up! If you’re concerned that they might have eaten something scary, give us a call at Homey Gnome Veterinary Clinic. We’re always here to help.

Image credit:  Pexels