How International Pooper Scooper Week Makes Our World Better

Oakdale, Minnesota may experience a lot of snow every year, and this year has been no exception. However, spring is finally on its way, and it’s the season of melting snow and blooming flowers. While it’s a great sign of the season, it also means that the snow has to melt, and underneath all of that snow, lurks the poo. Pet waste can carry diseases that can be harmful to both pets and humans, and it’s important to pick it up promptly. Fortunately, International Pooper Scooper Week provides much-needed thought about pet waste management and why it’s a critical aspect of a pet-loving community. Here’s why you need to care about International Pooper Scooper Week.

1. The Importance of Picking Up After Your Pet

Pet waste carries diseases that can harm pets and their families. It can also carry intestinal parasites such as hookworms, whipworms, and roundworms. Bacteria such as Salmonella, E. coli, and Giardia can multiply rapidly in pet waste, posing a risk of disease transmission to pet parents and children who play in the grass.

2. The Impact on the Environment

Pet waste affects the environment in several ways. Rain can wash it into storm drains, then streams, and finally into lakes and rivers. Along the way, it contaminates the waterways, making them vulnerable to diseases and algae blooms that can harm fish and other aquatic organisms. Pet waste is also a source of nutrients that fuel excessive algae growth, resulting in fish kills and other harmful impacts on aquatic life.

It is a myth that pet waste is a fertilizer. In fact,  it has the opposite effect on lawns, as phosphorus and nitrogen can burn your grass if not picked up promptly.

4. It’s Not Just About You and Your Dog

Picking up after your dog is essential to being a responsible pet owner. However, it also demonstrates your commitment to your Oakdale community. You’re showing your neighbors, as well as visitors, that you’re a responsible and respectful pet owner.

Even if going on a walk or visiting a dog park,  remember that pet owners should always be prepared with a bag and the necessary supplies for picking up after their pets.

5. Solutions for Proper Disposal

There are several ways to dispose of pet waste, including using biodegradable bags, dog waste systems, wire rakes and scoopers, and even hiring professional pet waste removal services. Consider how these various disposal methods would work for your household and neighborhood.

This International Pooper Scooper Week is your chance to show your love for your pet and your community by keeping pet waste off the ground. By picking up after your pet, you’ll help keep your neighborhood clean, reduce the spread of disease, protect the environment, and set an excellent example for others. Remember that a healthy community is a safe community, and it starts with you showing that you care as a pet owner in Oakdale, MN.