Spring is a time of new beginnings. With the arrival of warmer weather, we spend more time outdoors with our pets. However, this also means that there is a greater risk for your pet to come into contact with potential dangers. Don’t let danger put a damper on your pet’s spring. Here are seven tips on how you can keep your pet safer this spring:

1. Secure Open Windows and Doors

You know that feeling of freedom you get when your pets have free reign in the house? Imagine how your pets feel! More sounds and sights of people and dogs walking by, combined with new smells can pique the curiosity of our pets. Open windows and doors are a cause for concern, so be sure to fix screens to prevent pets from sneaking through or escaping. 

Remind people–including children and guests–to close doors behind them since it’s easy for animals to escape. It’s also a good idea to make sure your pet’s ID is up-to-date, too, as even the most secure area can be broken through by a clever pet. 

2. Spring Plants: Be Aware of Toxicities

Spring is a time for renewal and new life. Along with the signs of flowers blooming, we have to be mindful of what plants are toxic to our pets! If you have a cat or dog at home be careful of what kind of plants and flowers you choose. The ASPCA website has compiled a list of plants and flowers that are toxic to both cats and dogs, so keep this handy when shopping for your garden or bringing plants in to add a colorful pop of color to your home.

3. Safer Spring Cleaning 

The dangers of household cleaners can also pose a danger to our furry friends, so it’s important to keep them out of the area you are cleaning. 

Bleach, laundry detergent pods, and phenol-based disinfectants are all known hazards for animals such as dogs and cats. There are plenty of other things that you might not have thought were risky for pets, too To avoid mishaps in your home also keep these items away from pets: air fresheners, oven cleaner (especially toxic to our avian friends), and toilet bowl cleaners with lye or chlorine fumes.

 Always read the labels on the products carefully, and even better, opt for pet-friendly cleaning products.

4. Water Safety

We know it’s hard to resist your pet when they want to explore in the yard after the snow has melted, especially in the spring! But before allowing them into any water sources or even near puddles of water, please remember these important points: 

  • The early spring is still surprisingly cold and can be dangerous: especially a plunge into a lake or river.
  • Ice can still be present, but with the significant hazards of thin spots and falling through. Pets won’t realize that where the frozen water meets the shoreline is not safe, and may get into quick trouble.
  • Dogs are at risk for drowning and more likely to slip on wet ground around pools/ponds/lakes due to icy conditions.
  • Standing water could contain harmful bacteria that may make your pet sick.

5. Gardening Products and Tools to Avoid

It can be so exciting to start preparing your garden for spring! But if you have a dog, there are some things you should avoid that could harm them. 

Digging in the garden can be harmful for dogs–they could potentially encounter a gardening rake or even eat items such as tulip bulbs or cocoa mulch. Pesticides are also harmful to pets, so make sure if you’re planning on using them that your pup is nowhere near, and keep them away from the treated area for the time period specified on the product label.

6. Secure Deck Stairs & Railings

We Minnesotans tend to head out to the deck and patio immediately when the temperatures allow it. If you have a small pet, or young kids, then it would be worth considering checking the distance between deck spindles. HGTV recommends they are placed less than 3 inches apart to prevent kids or pets from falling through or getting stuck. Check the space between stairs leading up to these areas, as well. If you’re spending more than an hour or two on your deck, make sure your pet has access to fresh drinking water and shade.

7. Protect Your Pet from Pests

Just as we head outside as the temps begin to climb, mosquitoes and ticks become more prevalent. We know you love your pet and that’s why you’ll want to make sure they’re safe from the dangers of heartworm disease and lyme disease. We have a variety of products in our store that can help protect them from these tiny pests that can cause serious health complications.

Have a Safe and Healthy Spring!

We are just as excited about the spring season as you are–and can’t wait to get outside with our families and pets, too. We hope you have a very safe and enjoyable spring, and we hope to see you soon! 

Image credit:  Pixabay