Many of our patients come in all shapes, sizes, and species. As a veterinary practice, we believe in providing all pets, including birds, pocket pets, and exotics with the best care for their best lives. But our dedication to animal welfare stretches beyond our practice walls and client base. We are committed to keeping all animals, including wildlife, healthy and thriving. 

How Can You Make a Difference for Wildlife?

1. Support Local Vets, Wildlife Rescues, and Wildlife Non-Profits

All it takes is one glance at Finneas the Fox to see the value of wildlife non-profits. We are proud that our doctor, Dr. Noemi Plantz, DVM is the medical director for Wild Paws Sanctuary and was able to examine Finneas on his way to a better life. While Finneas resides in Wisconsin, his experience can teach the local community about foxes and other wild creatures. 

If you’re planning to support a wildlife organization, we hope you will consider volunteering or donating to Wild Paws. Even if you do not have the resources to do either of these, re-posting this blog or the Wild Paws website on your social media can make a powerful difference.

2. Update Your Yard to Be Wildlife Friendly

As we near the time when gardening goes into full swing, we hope you will consider adding some wildlife-friendly features to your yard. Including native plants is a great start to supporting wildlife, but you can also:

  • Set up a bird feeder
  • Include pollinator-friendly plants in your landscape
  • Add a nesting box nearby trees and shrubs
  • Grow shrubs that birds can build nests in
  • Avoid planting invasive plant species
  • Create a water feature as a drinking hole
  • Hand a pollinator hotel
  • Install a bat box

3. Plan a Trip to the Zoo 

If you’re looking for a fun activity for the kids (or as an adult), take a trip to the zoo. Both the Como Park Zoo & Conservatory and Minnesota Zoo both play a vital role in educating the community and kids about the value of wildlife and help in conservation efforts worldwide. Part of your admission goes to ensuring the future of species on the verge of extinction, protecting rare ecosystems, and educating young people on how important wildlife is in our world and locally.

4. Join in a Litter-Getter Effort

Pitching in and picking up litter can save animal lives in our area. Birds, small rodents, and other animals get trapped in the trash thrown beside the roadways and elsewhere. A cleaner environment also encourages more of the community to spend time outdoors. When you join a local volunteer group or even spend an afternoon with the kids picking up litter, you’re making a difference for animals.

5. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

The 3 Rs are one of the easiest ways to prevent habitat destruction, lower the use of fossil fuels, and protect natural resources. The average American generates 4.5 pounds of trash every day. With simple multiplication, it’s easy to see that every one of us has a heavy impact on landfills, the demand for new products, and waste. 

When you reduce your use of fossil fuels, single-use plastics, and other goods, you have the power to make a major impact. All it takes is a little mindfulness and investing in longer-lasting products. 

Reusing items around the house and in the office also minimizes the need for new products. Keep misprints as scrap paper, find new purposes for single-use plastics, and repair clothing and other items rather than tossing them and buying new.

Make a Difference for Wildlife

At Homey Gnome, we believe the few can be mighty. We hope you will commit to making a difference for wildlife today, tomorrow, and every day to come. Whether you gather litter, make a donation to Wild Paws, or plant a pollinator garden, you have the power to save wild, wondrous, and valuable lives. 

If you’re looking for veterinary care for your bird or other exotic species, make an appointment with Homey Gnome now. Your support allows us to support the care of animals in need.